Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D Train - 71 St. (Day 5, stop #220)

Out:  This area continues to be very residential.  Ethnically, it remains a  mix of Chinese, Hispanic, and white.  There’s a deli, a playground, and a bank nearby.  The side streets are narrow here with two-story brick houses.

In:  Here the layout is similar to the previous D stops, but the station is in somewhat worse condition, with more peeling paint.  The woods stairs and the area outside the mezzanine have wood flooring, but the area near the booth has a concrete floor.  The area by the booth is not too cramped, but not spacious either.  There is little room to look over the platform edge, but there is some graffiti on the platform wall; I’ve found this to be surprisingly rare.  From the platform I can see these two guys getting some respite from the sun under a rooftop cooling unit.