Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D Train - 62 St. (Day 5, stop #221)

Out:  There is a big parking lot directly outside the station house, which is at street level; it says it’s for MTA employees but at this point it’s very sparsely occupied. 
Directly across the street from the station there’s a junk car lot.  

Not too many people around, but the neighborhood seems mixed between asian and white, with perhaps some middle eastern presence.  Nearby there is a run-down looking Jewish temple along with a used car place.  The station house once had some type of tiling on the outside, but now it’s falling apart.

In:  Two platform, three track layout with access to the middle track for the express.  There is also a transfer available to the N train here which runs underground.  The walkway to the station house has wooden flooring, and everything is generally in OK condition.