Tuesday, March 3, 2009

C Train - Shepherd Ave. (Day 4, 2:58 p.m., stop #173)

Out:  At the corner of Shepherd Ave. and Pitkin Ave.  The neighborhood looks pretty quiet with a variety of architecture.  There are some apartments of ~3 stories, some row houses, and some new houses going up.  Ethnically the neighborhood looks mostly black, with some Hispanic.  There is some West Indian presence here, too.  Some single family homes with flat roofs and siding, but there are some multi-family homes as well.  There are not many people around in general.

In:  The walls of the station have big, off white tiles with blue accents.  There is also “Shepherd Ave.” now in mosaic tile for the station name, with white lettering on royal blue background.  There are no columns by the platform edge.  The layout is 4 track, 2 platform, with express bypass.  The platform has black flat-backed benches.  The mezzanine is pretty spacious and clean.