Monday, March 2, 2009

C Train - 163 St. (Day 2, stop #52)

Out:  Main exit is at intersection of 162nd St., St. Nicholas, and Amsterdam Aves.  At 7:20 a.m., it’s pretty empty at this intersection.  A few people waiting for the bus at the corner; the people outside seem mostly Dominican/Hispanic with a few black people.  The housing here is mostly typical Washington Heights tenements.  The streets are pretty trash-strewn.  The retails outlets are all of the small, mom & pop type, but they’re all closed at this early hour.  There a few brownstones visible on 162nd St., and a closed-down restaurant on the corner.  There’s a second-story Pentecostal church built above some small retail outlets; depicted in the sketch.

In:  The layout here is 2 plat, 2 track facing each other.  The express tracks are not visible.  The platform is narrow.  A number of exit staircases are closed off with metal cages and have obviously not been used a long time.  There are lots of ads on the walls, along with a mosaic station name (“163rd St.Amsterdam Ave.” in blocky IND font) with a yellow background.  There are yellow metal columns by the platform edge.  The station is pretty dirty and the lighting is not great.  On the mezzanine level there is a long entryway corridor over about half the length of the platform.  The other half of the mezzanine, with exits to 163rd St., is closed off by a metal fence, with no lights and lots of debris.