Monday, March 2, 2009

6 Train - 33 St. (Day 2, stop #90)

Out:  Park Ave. S feels very open here, both because of the median as well as the exit from the bypass tunnel.  The street is not too crowded, but large office towers loom overhead. 

There may be a bit of residential as well.  Some office workers enjoy a little treat from Mister Softee...I guess you're never too old.

In:  There are columns by the platform edge, with white tiles and the number “33”.  There is also a tiled mosaic “33” on the platform wall.  The lighting is good but overall the station is a bit dirty.  The layout is 4 tracks, but the 2 bypassing express tracks are visible but sunken down.  There is also a strange orange light by the 33rd St. exit.