Monday, March 2, 2009

4/5/6 Trains - 42 St.-Grand Central (Day 2, stop #89)

Out:  at corner of Park Ave. S and 42nd St.  There is tons of street traffic out on 42 St.  there are people of all kinds, and while many are professional-looking, it is definitely not the case for everyone.  There are imposing skyscrapers as well as Grand Central Station; very “New York” kind of scene.  

The famous Cipriani's is right across the street.

I go into Grand Central and see some of the afternoon hustle and bustle.  It's a bit dim in there so the flash-less photos come out on the blurry side, unfortunately.

In:  Platform looks recently renovated, with cooling fans on the platform (which is great for my comfort on a hot day like this).  There are white tiles, with square columns each displaying “42” with mosaic tiles on top; looks quite nice.  There is also a huge mezzanine area with lots of foot traffic as well as some pan flute players.