Monday, March 2, 2009

5 Train - Baychester Ave. (Day 3, stop #115)

Out: From the track between stations, the neighborhood looks like it is composed of nice, neat, well-maintained single-family houses here. It’s also the closest stop to Co-op City. However, when you actually exit the stop, the surroundings are a bit desolate. The exit is on a very empty block and is located right underneath the elevated tracks. The only businesses around are a couple of auto repair shops and a deli.

In: Station has old type of metal paneling on the side of platform (with vertical ridges). The trees here also come up close to both sides of the platform. Also feels like it’s “in the cut” at a Metro North Station, but it’s actually elevated above street level. To get back into the station, you have to climb up a dark stairway that for some reason is decorated with a bad orange and white paint job.