Monday, March 2, 2009

5 Train - 233 St.-Eastchester/Dyre Ave. (Day 3, stop #114)

Out: The neighborhood here looks pretty downscale. There are some guys just hanging out on the corner, but close to the station there is also a decent looking café with nice lighting. Perhaps the proximity to Westchester here rubs off a bit. The architecture here is pretty much all houses and low buildings.

I don’t see any tenements, and there are also plenty of trees here. There are a handful of African cab drivers around, looking to take people further on. There are also some guys around with Jamaican/West Indian accents; it’s hard to tell if they’re speaking English or Creole. There are also some white people waiting for buses, presumably to Westchester.

In: Lots of trees on both sides of platform, reaching all the way up to the station. Looks more like something from a Metro North stop. Here there is one platform with trains in both directions. There’s also a cleaning crew here at the end of the line. An awning only covers the back of the train, with green metal columns on both sides to support the roof. The station is in really bad condition. Overall, it looks run down. Specifically, the bathroom is disgusting (but at least there is one), the lighting and tiles are dirty, there are lots of leaks, and the station house is composed entirely of cracking and peeling plaster.