Monday, March 2, 2009

4/5/6 Trains - 14 St. (Day 2, stop #93)

Out:  there is lots of stuff going on here at Union Square, not surprisingly.  Really, it’s too much to describe; there’s the park, the stores, the traffic, and buildings.  

The people here are starting to look less corporate and more young & “unique”…but don’t be mistaken, there is still plenty of corporate.  The architecture around here is quite varied as well.  

When I had my camera out here, a homeless dude was the first to approach me…he asked if I knew what the numbers on the side of the building on the S side of Union Sq. stood for.  I told him I knew it was a clock and that I wasn’t a tourist; i.e. don’t try to get some cash out of me.  I think he got the hint and I walked on down to Astor Pl.

In:  The layout here is 2 platform, 4 track, with local and express access on the same level.  The platforms are curved, though, so platform extenders are needed to allow people access to the train.  There are also cooling fans in effect here.