Monday, March 2, 2009

2/3 Trains - 125 St. (Day 3, stop #146)

Out: In the thick of Harlem at 125 St. and Lenox Ave.  Nearby there is a Staples and a Marshall’s representing the big box store, but the small entrepreneur is represented by some guy selling incense on a table on the sidewalk.  Perhaps incongruously, and perhaps not, there is also a Starbucks right here.  There are lots of people around, mostly black, many in professional attire.  There is a large empty lot on one corner.  Both 125 and Lenox Ave. are quite wide here, and you can see for many blocks in all directions.  Up Lenox it’s possible to see a number of churches, brownstones, and nice apartment buildings.

In: I took the 6 to 125 and then the bus crosstown to 6th Ave.  The inside of the station is decently lit, it’s clean, and well-painted.  On the walls, there is a brown brick pattern on the bottom and then white tile on top.  The layout is 2 platform, 2 track (no express).  The columns are blue and the small tiles are burgundy.  There are different types of large tiles with 125th St. printed on them.