Monday, January 14, 2008

A Train - 181 St. (Day 1, stop #14)

Out: this is the “nice” part of Washington Heights. There’s actually a Starbucks on the corner, plenty of dental offices and well-maintained tenements, as well as delis and small restaurants.Again a mix of Domincan & white people. There are plenty of moms with strollers and elderly folk about. On the NE corner of the intersection there is a small church surrounded by grass and a small garden. 

One of the apartments nearby also has an excellent set of gargoyles on the edges.

In: Same tile pattern as at 190 St. the exit at this station is pretty strange, with a long concrete walkway the runs for much of the length of the subway tracks within the station. It is fairly dark and not well like. To exit there is a very long escalator to reach the mezz/booth level…almost as long as the D.C. metro. Obviously still quite deep underground.