Monday, January 14, 2008

A Train - 190 St. (Day 1, stop #13)

Out: directly out of the exit you look upon an isolated courtyard of the neighboring apartment building, surrounded by trees and covered with leaves. At first one elderly man there, then later on a single MTA employee relaxing. 

Can hear birds chirping happily and don’t hear any subway noise since it’s so far underground. Very little traffic over here either; main noise is from kids playing in playground across the street, running across the open sprinklers, and Mr. Softee truck jingle nearby. Also see a large group of conferees leaving Fort Tryon Park; many seem to be wearing nametags and discussing Israel or Jewish issues…I wonder what the conference was about? 

The entrance to park is about one block north of the station exit. In general, very pleasant and quiet subway stop in a picturesque setting. This part of Washington Heights seems to be a mix of white and Dominican.

In: two platforms & two tracks facing each other Interesting tile mosaic for name, with most just saying “190” with burgundy trim in small arches insterted in wall. Longer name only in one tile mosaic near stairs saying “190 St. – Overlook Terr.”. Need to walk over bridge over tracks to get to exit/booth level on Mezz. Can either walk to long tunnel over to Broadway & end up on street level, or can take elevator up to get to Ft. Washington Ave. This exit is very unique; old stone-style station house with antique “subway” sign and well-mainted black metal gates. Nothing really in the station house, but paint looks relatively fresh and the exterior is very well taken care of.