Tuesday, May 5, 2009

S Train - Botanic Garden (Day 10, stop #412)

Out:  I exit here onto Eastern Parkway.  The road here is quite wide, with plenty of traffic, but also lots of trees.  Some of the people I see actually look a bit wealthy, but mostly it seems like a lower- to middle-class black neighborhood here.  

A block or two away from the front of the station, the buildings are mostly brick tenement style with a little architectural variety.  The station house itself here is right at street level, and isolated from the nearby housing.  There is an amusing little picnic area on a concrete platform surrounded by weeds right outside the station.  There aren’t many stores around, and it’s quite residential.

In:  This station here is indoors now, but the tracks are in the cut on both sides of the station (i.e. no longer elevated but now below grade).  There is white tiling on the walls as well as some nice mosaic tiling on a see green background with yellow interspersed for the station name.  The station looks to be in good shape overall.  Again, the platform here is very short, but there is a more typical two platform, two track setup for trains in both directions.