Thursday, May 7, 2009

L Train - 1st Ave. (Day 10, stop #447)

Out:  The buildings near here are a mix of three story apartments and the large apartment buildings of Stuyvesant Town (see photo).  

I can smell food grilling here from the nearby street car, and there are also plenty of small restaurants near here.  There are also a couple of fast food spots and the streets are a little dirty.  

The majority of people are white and look hipster-ish, not surprisingly.  There are a few Hispanic people who mostly seem to walking towards Alphabet City, to the east.  There are also some elderly folk wandering out of Stuy Town.  Even though this neighborhood has become thoroughly gentrified, it still retains a little bit of its former grittiness.

In:  The layout here is two opposing platforms and two tracks.  There is again an appealing tile mosaic station name, in the style of the L stops in Brooklyn, with a blue background and yellow/green border.  At the top of the walls there is a border of larger yellow/green tiles with a “1” on a blue background.  The tiles look pretty dirty for the most part, but the lighting is ok.  On the platform I run into Danielle’s friend Amanda, who is, perhaps  somewhat surprisingly, only the second person I know I’ve run into during this project.  There is no mezzanine at the station, just a small booth area right below the street, and there is no crossover.