Monday, May 4, 2009

E Train - Jamaica-Van Wyck (Day 9, stop #366)

Out:  At intersection here of Jamaica Ave. and Metropolitan Ave.  It is more residential at this stop, but still a fairly busy intersection nearby.  The people around seem to be mixed between black and Hispanic, and I also saw a couple of South Asians.  The stop is right next to the Van Wyck Expressway.  

There are some small single family homes here along with a deli, pharmacy, auto shops, and a little empty plaza with a flagpole.  The stop is also right next to the Jamaica Hospital.  Overall this area looks a little grungy, but not too bad.

In:  The station again has dark red-brick style tiles and it’s dimly lit.  There is a cavernous feeling in this station, with very high ceilings. But despite the open space, the light is so bad I can barely see in here!  There is a suspended walkway above and bright orange plastic benches on the platform.  This station, instead of the MARTA, is more reminiscent of a bad DC Metro stop.  There are metal ridges on the ceilings and walls, and brown brick-style tiles on the floor.  The mezzanine is a long walkway (actually the same suspended one I saw before), and it’s possible to see down onto the platform below since it’s all open.  On the walkway the lighting is actually ok since I’m closer to the floodlamps suspended from the ceiling.  The station is quite deep underground, and there are lots of stairs to get to the exit.