Thursday, May 7, 2009

B/C Trains - 135 St. (Extra Days, stop #451)

Out:  This area is again very residential, with no obvious commercial activity nearby.  The main buildings here are large apartment blocks and tenements.  The interesting feature here is that one entrance to the train is built into a hillside (see photo) leading up to City College, whose buildings are visible over the top of the hill.

In:  The station here has a two platform, six (!) track layout.  There are two sets of express tracks that bypass the station, one for the A train and one for the D train, which reflect their positioning on different levels at 145 St.  Thus, the opposing platforms are very far apart here.  There are green metal columns by the platform edge and a green mosaic station name in the IND style.  There is no mezzanine here, just a booth at platform level and the exit one flight up.