Thursday, May 7, 2009

B/C Train - 86 St. (Extra Days, stop #457)

Out:  The area around the station here is similar to 96th, but everything looks even fancier.  The station is still right next to the park, and there is plenty of traffic at the crossover here.  

The buildings are even more ornate here, and almost everyone is now white except for nannies of various ethnicities carting around white babies.  There are no commercial establishments except for a large office full of doctors in private practice.  

There are a couple of smaller buildings with interesting architecture undergoing renovations (see photo), but again most of the buildings are large residential towers.  I walk from here down to 81st St.

In:  Similar to 96th, but here there are exits at 87th and 86th, and there is some visible graffiti on the wall of the express track.