Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R/W Trains - Prince St. (Day 5, stop #239)

Outside the station here I’m on the streets of SoHo.  The sidewalks are ridiculously crowded with shoppers (especially the bridge and tunnel variety), tourists, and people who work around here on this Friday afternoon.  

There is a great variety of architecture and plenty of goods being hawked on the streets. Definitely feels like a wealthy area, no doubt.  I felt good getting off these crowded streets and back onto the train.

In: This station also has new tiling on the walls, with a mosaic street name in drab blue and green.  The layout is two platforms facing each other, with two local tracks and two express bypass tracks separated by columns.  The platform is well-lit and there are new tiles on the floor.  The walls feature many small silhouttes of people doing daily actions (working stiff walking with a briefcase, homeless guy rummaging through trash, etc.).