Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R/W Trains - City Hall (Day 5, stop #237)

Out: Here the stop is right next to City Hall and City Hall Park.  

The people outside are still a mix of office workers and tourists.  This stop is across City Hall Park from the J stop at Chambers.  There is the typical downtown architecture, tall skyscrapers, etc. etc.  
The light is still pretty good right now even though it’s getting a little late, and there still a number of people around at this time.  There’s another guy taking pictures of the same building as me.  He gave me a dirty look for some reason (maybe because he has a nicer camera and thought mine wouldn’t do the photo justice?).

In: This station has a very wide platform, with the booth area in the middle of the plat and separated by fencing from the uptown and downtown tracks.  This weird layout may be a consequence of the abandoned lower level, where two tracks are not in use.  There are white tiles with some mosaic patterning and metal yellow columns, but the station is not in great shape overall.