Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R/W Trains - 23 St. (Day 5, stop #242)

Out: The exit here is right next to Madison Sq. Park.   A big line of people is hovering by the Shake Shack.

There is good open feeling because of the large intersection of 23rd St., Broadway, and 5th Ave.  The Flatiron building is right on the intersection here, and there are other architecturally impressive buildings around as well.  

They all come together for a good effect.  There is still a decent amount of upscale retail here, and a fair number of shoppers around along with office workers.  It’s hard to identify any residents here, probably because most of the people around here look pretty wealthy.  Except for the homeless dudes the park, that is.  I walked up Broadway to 28 St. here.

In: Similar to Prince St., with designs on the tiles depicting lots of hats (perhaps this is some reference to a hat-specific portion of the garment district? Not really sure).  The blue/green/gold color scheme is appealing, and the station looks good overall.