Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - Vernon Blvd.-Jackson Ave. (Day 7, stop #283)

At intersection of Vernon Blvd. and 50 Av.  None of the buildings are more than few stories here in Long Island City.  Near the station there are some bars, cafes, older apartment buildings (some of which look renovated), and a church.  Overall there is an industrial/post-industrial feel to the neighborhood.  There are mostly white people around, but the streets are pretty empty.  There are also a few black and a few Hispanic people here.  

There are some serious signs of gentrification over here, including the tell-tale wine bar.  There is also a butcher, a deli, a police station.  There is a view of the Queensboro Bridge in the distance.

In:  The layout here is two platforms facing each other and two tracks (no express).  There are dirty white tiles on the walls, and there are no columns on the platform.  There are some small mosaics on the top of the wall, but they’re hard to see.  There is a good mosaic for the station name.  In general, though, the station is pretty ugly.  The booth area is cramped and just below ground.  It is also smells a bit in here.