Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - 90 St.-Elmhurst Ave. (Day 7, stop #298)

Out:  Here there is a three-street intersection, so the feeling outside the stop is a little more open than usual.  The area is still definitely Hispanic, and there are Ecuadorian food stands right near the stop (see photo); smells tempting.  Employment and immigration establishments abound over here, and there is also another truck from Medanzas.  

There’s also a Bangladeshi grocery here.  The streets here are pretty busy at this time.  The housing is primarily tenement-style, in brick.  On my way back into the train I bought an elote from the Ecuadorian food stand; this is an enormous ear of corn that’s been slathered with butter, cream, and cheese.  It’s so rich I can only eat a quarter of it before tossing it…but it definitely tasted good!

In:  Similar to 103 St., but with red columns and a wider platform.