Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - 61 St.-Woodside (Day 7, stop #291)

Out:  This seems like a pretty big intersection, dominated by both the 7 and LIRR tracks overhead which loom over the sidewalks.  This underpass feeling makes the intersection kind of dark and dirty, but overall things feel pretty middle class as well.  

There are diners, delis, a wine & liquor store, and a dunkin’ donuts.  The housing is still mostly tenements in brown brick.  The area seems predominantly Hispanic, but there are plenty of Asians and many others.

In:  This station is highly elevated with lots of stairs to reach to street level.  The mezzanine is very wide, with a waiting area both for the 7 and the LIRR which is also accessible here through a direct tunnel to the tracks.  The layout of the 7 is two platform, three track, with access to the local and express and no walls on the platform side.  There are small metal green columns which support a sloped roof over the platform.