Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 Train - 5th Ave. (Day 7, stop #281)

Out:  In the middle of midtown here, and the exit is directly outside of the New York Public Library.  

There are many impressive skyscrapers here.  I can see the Chrysler Building close by, and mostly office workers are on the streets, but there are some blue collar workers, some students, some other New Yorkers.  
The architecture for the most part looks quite recent, as opposed to some of the other more classic skyscrapers farther downtown.

In:  One platform with two tracks in both directions here.  It looks similar to Times Sq., with red metal columns by the platform edge.  There is a connection via a long tunnel to the B/D/F/V on 6th Ave.  The station and mezzanine here are in decent condition, and everything smells of disinfectant.  The platform is on a declining grade to the east, I haven’t noticed too many stations which this change in height is so obvious.