Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Train - Grant Ave. (Day 4, stop #171)

OutThere are some two story houses right next the to the station that look nice and well-maintained, but some other ones at a short distance away look to be in worse shape.  This stop is now back in Brooklyn, and the neighborhood seems much more black, but there are still some South Asians around.  It is apparent that this neighborhood is in a state of flux.

In: This station is now underground again.  There are large, light green tiles covering all the walls and the columns on the platform.  This station has a 1 platform, 2 track layout for trains in each direction.  There’s no tiling for the station name; it’s just painted on some of the tiles.  The mezzanine is dimly lit but gets some sunlight.  There is a an interesting sign saying “subway” hanging in the mezzanine as well.  The station house is a freestanding structure at street level, and the tracks are just one level below.