Tuesday, March 3, 2009

L Train - E. 105 St. (Day 4, stop #192)

Out:  I actually don’t exit the station here, but I can see the surroundings quite easily as the platform is at street level and there’s only a chain link fence separating me from the outside world.  Plus, there really isn’t much to see and I’m running late so I want to make sure I don’t miss the next train (at least they’re running pretty frequently, according to the timers available in these L stations).

In:  The tracks here are still at street level, but in order to exit you have to walk up and into the station house, then down again.  The layout is one platform with two tracks.  There are single columns in the middle of track to support a pointed  roof that covers ~1/3 of the platform length.  There is also a third track nearby, not actually part of the station, but used to get trains out of the yard and put them into service at Canarsie (which I can still see very easily from this stop).  The station house looks like a big box spanning over the tracks (see sketch), that actually seems architecturally interesting in a modern style.