Monday, March 2, 2009

J/M/Z Trains - Broad St. (Day 1, stop #43)

Out: The station here is directly outside the New York Stock Exchange building.  The façade of the NYSE is covered by an enormous American flag and the building itself is protected by large automobile barricades.  

At this corner there is also the Federal Hall National Memorial, another impressive 19th-century looking building of marble.  

The people here are a mix of tourists and financial workers of all races.  Definitely many more South Asians here than I noticed anywhere else so far.

In:  The station is well-lit, the tiles are clean, and the uptown platform is very wide and spacious.  The tiling inside is well-maintained and seems fairly new.  The color scheme is tan and green on the walls with “B” interspersed in the tiling.  There are red metal columns by the platform edge.  The layout is 2 track, 2 platform.  The Brooklyn-bound platform is only open during rush hours, when the M continues to Bay Parkway.