Tuesday, March 3, 2009

J Train - Alabama Ave. (Day 4, stop #189)

Out:  This stop has a huge MTA bus depot right next to it, which probably relates to its direct proximity to Broadway Junction.  There are some non-descript, four-story apartment buildings nearby.  There is also a strangely-placed hotel with a façade of fake granite.  I can also see the L train in the near distance.  There aren’t too many people around, except for MTA employees.  There is a well-maintained garden in the plaza of the Alabama Av./Jamaica Av./New York Av. intersection.  From the people exiting the train here, the neighborhood looks mostly black and Hispanic.

In: This station is still not done with renovations, as the stained glass has not yet been put below the station signs.  Also, the roof of the awning is flat here, missing the arching roofs and column metalwork at the previous stops.  In general, though, the station still looks to be in pretty good condition.  Also the views from here are expansive as there aren’t really any adjacent buildings to block it.