Wednesday, March 4, 2009

F Train - W. 8 St.-NY Aquarium (Day 5, stop #212)

Out:  There are crowds of kids on their way to either see the Aquarium or the amusement park at Coney Island.  

The area is crowded, with plenty of people of all backgrounds.  I walked down to the Boardwalk, and I can see there are tourists with cameras, and some look wealthy while some do not.  

It’s Friday during the summer, so all the food stalls are open as well as the amusement park.  It’s a beautiful day today, and the breeze off the ocean is preventing it from getting too hot over here.

In:  New-looking, dual level station with Q tracks on top of the F track.  The two platforms are facing each other, and there is lots of natural light in the station.  The station is newly renovated, and all the walls of the station are covered in green paneling; I get the feeling of being in a big green box.  The outside of the station is covered in green curvy countours and lines, which is apparently meant to evoke a roller coaster (see Photo).