Wednesday, March 4, 2009

F Train - King's Highway (Day 5, stop #208)

Out:  On McDonald Ave., the main places are still homewares/lighting/auto stuff.  On King’s Highway, there is the more typical mix of pizza places, delis, etc.  There is a Turkish(?) bakery, an Israeli variety store/video shop, as well as some banks here also.  

There are more black people around here than at previous stops, but there is still a good white/European presence as well.  Overall, the neighborhood still looks pretty middle-class.  

In:  Two platform, three track layout with express track access.  There are no walls here, so I get a good view of the surroundings, but there’s not really that much to see.  The station house has been recently painted and the booth area is not as cramped as at other stations.