Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D Train - 18 Ave. (Day 5, stop #218)

Out:  Tellingly, 18 Ave. has also been branded as “Cristoforo Colombo Blvd.”, at least for this stretch near New Utrecht Ave.  The first thing I notice here is some guy with an iced coffee wearing a Utili-kilt.  Hmm.  Otherwise there are a number of shops and row houses, and the “BP’s Toys” is on the corner.  Here are a few of the window residents at the toy shop.

There was another colorful mural in memory of a neighborhood resident.

The houses are mostly siding, with some brick.  The area looks predominantly white, probably Italian.  There are also some Asian and Hispanic people around as well.  Overall though the neighborhood looks pretty residential, without too much happening.  

In:  Similar to 20 Ave., but now half of the platform is open railing with a view over the side.  When I’m waiting for the train to leave, I actually saw a few hipsters here, which was a little surprising.