Monday, March 2, 2009

6 Train - Westchester Sq-E. Tremont Ave. (Day 3, 3:39 p.m., stop #134)

Out: There is some nice green space outside the station, along with a small park.  Some of the buildings include the Parks Dept. After School Program, the Bronx Country Democratic Committee Offices, a grocery store, and a coffee shop.  There’s also “Tavern by the Creek” and “Nail Design by Asia”.  Ethnically the area seems part Hispanic and part Black.  There are a lot of people here looking to catch buses.

In: On the way to the station from Middletown Rd., the train passes over the yards for the 6 train.  From the train you can also see Cavalry Hospital.  The station is in much better condition than others on this branch; or at least it has a newer coat of paint on the stairs and walls.  There are frosted glass windows at the middle of the platform, and a big window of stained glass at the entrance.  There are also newer tiles on the mezzanine.