Monday, March 2, 2009

5 Train - Pelham Parkway (Day 3, 11:40 a.m., stop #117)

Out: From the outside, the station house itself looks pretty ugly, with peeling paint.  The area here feels almost suburban, and there are some white and asian people walking around (this makes sense as it’s close to Ann’s cousin’s house).  All I see here are trees, buses, and small houses, as well as upscale cars.  Quite a contrast from other stops on the 5 I’ve been to, pretty surprising.  I could probably even take a photo here, but there are transit workers around and I don’t want to make them suspicious.

In: The station here is now back underground.  There’s not even any tiling on the side, it’s just painted black.  The layout is 4 track, 2 platform with stop for express train (?).  The interior is all peeling paint and concrete, pretty ugly overall.  It smells dank in here.  At least the lighting is kind of ok.