Monday, March 2, 2009

4/5 Trains - Bowling Green (Day 2, stop #99)

Out:  In this part of downtown there are plenty of tourists as well as historic skyscrapers.  

The stop is right next to Bowling Green and the U.S. Customs house towers over me as I exit the train.

Overall though it’s not too imposing as Battery Park is nearby and offers some feeling of open space by letting in some light from the west.  The station house itself is arching glass structure covering elevators down to the platform. Pretty unique.

In:  2 platforms, each with only 1 track.  The walls are covered in bright red brick, which is an intesting scheme.  You have to go below the tracks in order to get to the uptown side.  There is also an interesting art piece in the station, with long exposures and obvious motion.  The shots are blurry but look pretty cool overall.  There are also lots of cops in this station.  I'll keep the camera under wraps for sure.