Monday, March 2, 2009

2/5 Trains - West Farms Sq-E. Tremont Ave. (Day 3, 12:07 p.m., stop #119)

Out: At corner of Boston Rd. The El tracks really dominate the streetscape, as they are very high above street level and the metal undercarriage is more intricate than usual. However, the metal also looks pretty old and decrepit. The intersection here is pretty busy. The station is also pretty close to the Bronx Zoo. There are a few big buildings around, one looks like a high school and another medical clinic. There is also a nice little plaza next to the station with trees arranged in a regular pattern.

There is also a deli that is the home of the “Murder Burger”. Ethnically it seems mostly black here.

In: It’s an elevated platform, like other stops along the 2 line. There is stained glass, 3 tracks (with one express bypass).