Monday, March 2, 2009

2/5 Trains - 3 Ave.-149 St. (Day 3, stop #126)

Out: This is a crowded 6-way intersection with lots of activity.  One corner has a two-story building with operating retail on the first floor but a boarded up residential section on the second.  Across from this is a very new-looking retail/residential building.  There are many general merchandise/electronics/books/games stores, including the “Horizon” wireless shop.  Quite the marketplace here.  It’s a very big intersection, with some well-preserved old apartment and office buildings.  This looks as if it were a pretty important place at some point in the past.  The neighborhood may be called Melrose, but I’m not sure.

In: This station is now underground.  The tiling inside is interesting, with long rectangles in green and burgundy.  The round columns by the platform edge are also painted burgundy.  The lighting is somewhat dim and old, though.  The station has two tracks and two platforms, facing each other.  One the platform walls there is a series of mosaic tile murals.