Monday, March 2, 2009

1/2/3 Trains - 96 St. (Day 1, stop #23)

Out: 96 St. clearly serves as a dividing line between the tenements to the north and nicer, luxury buildings directly at the intersection and extending farther south along Broadway.  

In the median on the north side of the intersection is a questionably functional buidling with the label "The Broadway Mall Community Center".  

There is a grocery store here, some banks, and other retail outlets that range from mid-to-upscale.  

Clearly still a little mixing going on here between the races and classes, but majority white and certainly very gentrified and residential-feeling.

In: Station has a very strange layout.  Four track, 2 plat with express access.  Instead of typical entrance, however, one can access booth one level below street, but then must go down a level to underpass in order to access either uptown or downtown platforms.  Platforms are narrow and station is only dimly lit.  White tiling on walls is dirty, the paint is peeling, and there are no mosaic station names.  The platforms themselves are directly below the street and the sun is shining through the grates onto the tracks.