Monday, March 2, 2009

1/2/3 Trains - 42 St. (Day 1, stop #30)

Out:  At the intersection of 42nd St. and 7th Ave., the craziness that is Times Square is in full effect.  The streets are packed with a mix between tourists and office workers of all races.  A lot of business casual dress as well as plenty of extremely casual. 

Lots of people looking up in awe, a lot of languages and different American accents.  Of course, there is a plethora of loud neon signs and multimedia displays, bombarding the senses with pure consumerism.  While crowded, fortunately it’s still better than on the weekend.  

Man, I have to get out of here pretty quickly.  The entrance to the subway sign here is quite unique, embodying the Times Square spirit with its own large amount of flashing lights and circulating neon.

In:  The layout here is 2 platform, 4 track with express access.  The lighting is good with green metal columns on both edges of the platform.  The walls are predominantly white tile with a green border color scheme.  There are multiple exits and ways by which to transfer to other trains.  The mezzanine is extremely large and somewhat difficult to navigate.  On the mezzanine level there are a number of interesting touches, including a large frosted green wall with embedded artwork, as well as a designated area for performers that almost always attracts a crowd.  The station is very busy and crowded; perhaps the most important transfer point in the whole MTA system.