Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Train - 28 St. (Day 1, stop #32)

Out:  Fewer people here, and the buildings are modest when compared with 34th St.  The stop itself is right next to FIT, which hulks over the intersection in its boxy, behemoth-esque way.

For some reason the buildings here look very stereotypically “New York” (at least in my mind), as they are all ~30 stories and surfaced with drab yellow-brown brick.  These imposing buildings lead to significant canyoning effect, and there is not much gleaming modernity to interfere with this corner that looks like it easily could have been the same 40 years ago.  

When I tried to get back on the train here, there was some problem with the doors so I just walked to 23rd St.  On the way I stopped and got a blueberry Yolato…pretty good innovation in frozen treat technology.

In:  Inside the station looks older and the lighting isn’t as good.  Mosaic tiling at top of wall, with burgundy and green theme.  Same for background on mosaic station name sign and “28” in border at top of wall.  Rest of wall is typical white square tile, but pretty dirty.  2 plat, 4 track setup with express bypass and no crossover.