Monday, January 14, 2008

1 Train - 116 St. (Day 1, stop #20)

Out: Now it is clear that this neighborhood is very gentrified. Many white people, others of varied races, but all look pretty upper-class. Lots of well-maintained apartment buildings, especially down a small hill toward Riverside Drive & Riverside Park to the west. On the east side of the intersection the buildings of Columbia loom over Broadway, along with the large black gates the mark the entrance to campus. 

A few well-designed restaurants, a stationary store, and trees in the median. Not too many commercial outlets right by the station because of theColumbia and Barnard campuses.

In: Station is in quite good shape, with obviously new tiling on the walls. Mosaic tiling for station name as well as tiled border on top of walls. Tiles are rectangular and shiny. Light blue stripe of tiles also there to represent Columbia University. Lighting is bright. There is a crossover available on the smallish mezzanine, just a short flight below the surface. Layout is 2 plat, 3 track with express bypass. There are white tiled, square columns by the platform edge.