Monday, January 14, 2008

1 Train - 137 St. (Day 1, stop #18)

Out: The neighborhood still seems quite mixed between Hispanic & Black. Probably more Puerto Rican & Mexican than Dominican, but not clear. Broadway here has a very open feeling as another small street intersects at an angle, creating a small park across from the station exit. There also appears to be a large school on the east side of Broadway. Even though the stop says “137 St-City College”, none of City College is immediately visible from the stop. Buildings are mix of tenements but also smaller building with more intricate architecture. Drew a sketch of a bay window on one of these buildings, with square-jawed “tiger cat” accents on both sides. The bay window was all in brown.

In: The walls are made of square white tiles (~8 inches per side) with grey tiles of the same size on the bottom of the wall and on the wall. In some places there are small bronze/metal crescents and other shapes sticking out of the wall tile; different type of artwork. The station is much better lit than 145 and 157, but does not have any mosaic tiling. Definitely seems more open and modernized. 2 plat, 3 track setup with express bypass. Rounded columns painted in white and grey near platform edge.